Anaemia and CKD III (20)

This diabetic lady has CKD3 with microalbuminuria of 14.8.  She was recently seen in the haematology clinic regarding her chronic anaemia (most recent haemoglobin was 100g/l).  She was in hospital at the end of last year when she was transfused and started on oral iron.  At that time endoscopy was normal but she has previously had angiodysplasia.  Haematology felt this is most likely anaemia of chronic disease rather than iron deficiency anaemia, and that it probably relates to her deteriorating renal function.  Her most recent eGFR was 52, creatinine 91 and urea 8.6.  They have suggested that she might be a candidate for EPO injections to boost her blood count.  I wonder if I should be referring her to renal clinic?

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B12 and folate are normal.  Ferritin 85, Transferrin saturations 17%

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Renal anaemia with a GFR above 30ml/min is extremely unusual indeed.  10% of anaemia in CKD 3 is explained by EPO-deficiency, but the patients involved are in the eGFR of 30-35 bracket, rather than 52 as in this case.  Given the history of previous angiodysplasia this is most likely the explanation for the recurrent anaemia.


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