Anaemia and CKD in the frail elderly (19)

This rather frail 85 year old man has recently become anaemic.  His haemoglobin has dropped down to around 9.0 having previously been around the 11 mark.  Haematinics are normal.  His latest renal function shows urea 15.6, creatinine 213, potassium 4.8 and eGFR 26.

His general health is poor.  He lives at home and is slowly mobile with a zimmer but has had falls and is awaiting a residential or nursing home placement.

Can we attribute his anaemia to his CKD and should he be considered for EPO?  Or should we refer him to haematology for further assessment of his anaemia?

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Co-morbidities include: recent significant stroke, diabetes, angina, Parkinson’s disease, atrial fibrillation, hypertension and LVF.

 Currently: ACR 155, PCR 260, Ferritin 60.

12 months ago: Hb 10.5, urea 11.4, creatinine 168, ACR 120, PCR 185

3 years ago: ACR 35

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This gentleman has evidence of progressive CKD – now Stage 4 – almost certainly secondary to diabetic nephropathy given the longstanding albuminuria and proteinuria.  His anaemia has been evident for some time.  His haematinics do indicate that he may be Fe deficient – his ferritin is only 60 (we would normally look for a minimum of 100). His iron saturation has not been done but should be >20%.   I would suggest in the first instance repeat of his iron stores specifically to include iron saturation and ferritin.  If they are below targets then I would suggest oral iron supplementation.

 I don’t think there is a good indication for a renal clinic referral, but he may be a candidate for erythropoietin therapy if he remains anaemic when iron stores are replete.




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