Unilateral cysts as an incidental finding (14)

A 79 year old gentleman had an abdominal ultrasound scan due to the incidental finding of abnormal LFTS.  This was reported to show slightly increased echogenicity of the liver in keeping with fatty infiltration.  He was also noted to have small, simple cortical cysts, with the largest measuring 36mm by 31mm, in his left kidney.  The visualised pancreas, aorta, right kidney, gall bladder and biliary tree all appeared normal and the spleen measured 9.8 cm, which was also normal.

The reason I write is to establish whether any further action is required regarding his cysts in his left kidney or whether in fact they can be ignored as they are not causing him any symptoms at present and should be viewed as an incidental finding only?

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Results of investigations are as follows;

 Blood – Urea 7 / Creatinine 102 / eGFR >60 / Electrolytes within normal ranges

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This should be viewed as an incidental finding and you can essentially just ignore the result.  It is not an uncommon finding and not expected to give rise to any symptoms or indicate an adverse renal prognosis.  Of note, complex cysts can indicate malignancy but this is not what is being described here.


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