Renal failure from the HIV clinic

A 32 year old man presents wtih 3 days of vomiting, nausea, and malaise.  HIV was diagnosed 6 months ago but he has not been started on ant-retroviral therapy.  He has no other significant past medical history.

He is apyrexial.  BP is 100/60 and pulse 82.  He has no oedema.  JVP is not visible when lying flat.

Urine dipstick shows 1+ protein only.  The only other investigation available is serum creatinine – 700 micromol/l (8 mg/dl).

What do you think are the main diagnostic possibilities here?  What additional key questions would you like to ask? What would your initial management be?

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Case contributed by Fran Th’Ng and Gavin Dreyer