Send a case

Nothing is too simple or common – this isn’t meant to be a repository for the weird, exceptional case reports, it’s mainly a way of learning what’s out there and how to deal with it.

We need:

  • The background and clinical details – not too long; you can see the format
  • Is it appropriate to keep a bit of data back to reveal after they’ve had a first think?
  • Then the outcome or answer.  Important to get this reviewed by an expert or experts, and to let us know who they (they can share the authorship).
  • Email is fine – formatting not important
  • A photo or other illustration is nice. If it is a recognisable or track-backable image of a patient, you must have permission.  Simple line drawings, and copyright-free or your own localising images (from the hospital/city/country you are in), are good.
  • Recommend further info sources in the ‘Answer’ part.  They must be openly available on the web.  Favour sources that are an easy, short, but informative read.  For example, for Renal topics consider the following (but certainly not exclusively):
    5. Do not use (exceptions need to be special) undated, unattributed sources, or ones with dodgy adverts (dietary supplements to cure cancer, etc).
  • Anonymisation is essential.  Often this is aided by changing details that are not critical to the case, such as age, location, sex.
  • You should have permission from the patient to use their case if there is the slighest possibility that they could be recognised from the info presented.

You and your co-authors will be credited at the foot of your post.  By submitting a case, you are indicating that you have fulfilled all the conditions above!   Send cases to