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Educational resources for renal medicine

Licensed under a Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This website has been created by staff at the Renal Unit of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh. You can read more about the Edinburgh renal unit on our sister website, Edren. Both Edren and Edrep make resources freely available, whether you are working in Edinburgh or on the other side of the world (see terms below). Sometimes we link to non-free resources if there isn't an alternative. If you are studying a course you will certainly need some books too, as well as practical experience and supervision.

Contact details

We like feedback.  To send it, or for enquiries about this website, please contact

Renal Medicine
Royal Infirmary
Edinburgh EH16 4SA
Scotland, UK
Neil Turner is primarily responsible for it. 

Terms of use: 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC-BY). A rough summary of what this means (click on the link for full detail) is:

  • Anyone may link to our pages
  • Where any copyright belongs to someone else, we should have said so on that page
  • You may use our information freely, as long as you make a clear acknowledgement to us
  • You may adapt our work for your own use, as long as you make a clear acknowledgement to us, adjacent to the material.  
  • Note the cautions
  • Contact if you have questions


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Work to initiate this website was aided by seedcorn funding from NHS Education Scotland (NES) and the Scottish Renal Association (SRA). But it is written in the generously donated time of our staff.  It isn't an official publication of the NHS, or of the University of Edinburgh. 

General cautions

This is an educational website; we are fallible; and unfortunately we cannot provide advice on management of individual patients.  Please read our fuller caution here.

Page last modified 01.12.2016, 22:56 by Administrator. edrep and edren are produced by the Renal Unit at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Univ. Edinburgh. CAUTIONS and Contact us. Note that the information published here is primarily intended for education, not for clinical care.