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Case 3

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Case 3

A young woman was admitted as an emergency, having been found by her flatmate. Although she had been well when last seen a few hours earlier, she was semiconscious, hyperventilating, and responding only to painful stimuli. An empty, unlabelled pill container was found next to her.

Her results were:

  [H+] = 46 nmol/L   pH = 7.34
  PaCO2 = 3.0 kPa
  [HCO3] = 12 mmol/L
  [Na+] = 137 mmol/L
  [K+] = 4.7 mmol/L
  [CI-] = 107 mmol/L

Question 1

What is the patient's acid base picture at presentation? (Hover over 'select' to see if you're right)

  1. Respiratory alkalaemia  select
  2. Compensated metabolic acidaemia  select
  3. Metabolic alkalaemia  select 
  4. Respiratory acidemia  select 

General feedback on these answers.


Question 2

What substance is the most likely cause of this patient's condition? (Hover over 'select' to see if you're right)

  1. Methanol  select
  2. Ecstasy  select
  3. Methadone  select 
  4. Aspirin  select 
  5. Paracetamol  select 

 General feedback on these answers.


Question 3

 What is her anion gap in this case?

Have a think about this ... then hover the over the 'answer' to see if you're right





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