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Case 4

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Case 4

A 62 year old woman with a long history of respiratory disease was being treated for oedema, with the diuretic frusemide. On admission she was confused and weak.

Here are the patient's lab results:

  [H+] = 32 nmol/L   pH = 7.5
  PaCO2= 9.3 kPa
  [HCO3] = 53 mmol/L
  [Na+] = 135 mmol/L
  [K+] = 2.6 mmol/L
  [CI-] = 59 mmol/L

Question 1

What is this patient's acid-base disturbance? (Hover over 'select' to see if you're right)

  1. Metabiolic acidemia select
  2. Metabolic alkalaemia select
  3. Respiratory alkalaemia select
  4. Metabolic alkalaemia with respiratory alkalaemia select
  5. Compensated respiratory acidaemia select

General feedback on these answers.


Question 2

Answers to the next four questions are one of the following, each answer should be used once:

     1. What is the probable cause of her confusion?
Your answer is:
  2. What is the probable cause of her muscle weakness?
Your answer is:
  3. What is the compensatory adaptation?
Your answer is:
  4. What is the effect of loop diuretics?
Your answer is:






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