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Case 6

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Case 6

A baby boy was suffering from dramatic vomitting after every feed, and was becoming dehydrated. His GP sent him into hospital, where the following results were obtained:

  [H+] = 30 nmol/L   PH = 7.52
  PaCO2 = 6.5 kPa
  [HCO3] = 37 mmol/L
  [Na+] = 148 mmol/L
  [K+] = 2.8 mmol/L


Question 1

What is the acid-base disturbance in this case? (Hover over 'select' to see if you're right)

  1. Metabiolic acidemia  select
  2. Metabolic alkalaemia  select
  3. Compensated metabolic alkalaemia  select
  4. Respiratory alkalaemia  select
  5. Respiratory acidemia  select

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