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Case 1.2

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Case 1.2


It's useful to have a clear idea about causes of Acute Renal Failure.

Most people remember that it can be pre-renal, renal or post-renal.

Pre-renal is the most common and easiest to treat. It's usually due to fluid depletion and/or hypotension and prompt fluid treatment can usually correct.

Causes of post-renal impairment are also easy to remember. (clot/calculus/compression/cancer)

'Renal' is a little more complicated. It include diseases of the renal micro-circulation (arguably including the main renal artery, though you can argue that this is 'pre-renal'), of the glomeruli, and of the interstitium (tubular, etc).




Question 3

How many "renal" causes were you able to think of?

An easy way to remember is to try to think of the structures that a molecule would pass through going through the kidney. ie. first the Renal artery, then the arterioles, then the capillary (glomerulus in this case), then the tubule and then the interstitium.

You should then try to remember conditions that involve these structures...

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