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Case 2.1

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Case 2.1

An ultrasound is performed and demonstrates:

"The left kidney is 10.5 cm in length with gross hydronephrosis and dilation of the collecting system. The cortex is of normal thickness. The right kidney is 7.5 cm in length with dilation of the ureters and collecting system. There is a loss of cortical thickened throughout. The bladder is empty with evidence of a thickened wall posteriorly".


Question 3

What is the next step in managing this patient?

(a) Placement of bilateral nephrostomy tubes to relieve obstruction of both kidneys.

(b) CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis so definitive surgical correction can be undertaken and any tumour removed.

(c) Placement of a left nephrostomy tube to relieve obstruction of the left kidney.

(d) An intravenous urogram to allow the level of obstruction to be assessed.

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