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Educational resources for renal medicine

Licensed under a Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The Scottish Government, through its Malawi development programme, is supporting a University of Edinburgh project to develop resources to support multiprofessional medical education for Malawi and more widely.  Early work was in capacity building and infrastructure support for the preclinical years and most resources have been restricted to internal use, but from 2010 resources to support clinical years will increasingly be made openly available online.  Resources are written by teachers in Edinburgh and Malawi and so far as possible will be made available under a Creative Commons licence (free for non-commercial use with attribution).  

The first clinical specialties to be developed will be

  • Renal medicine - link is to our current Resources page for a developing list.  Led by Neil Turner, Dan Namarika, Valerie Luyckx, Gavin Dreyer. 
  • Diabetes.  Led by Moffat Nyirenda, Theresa Allain, Debbie Wake.  

Others will follow.  An external website will be developed to present the openly available resources.  

The institutions involved in this project so far include:

But other institutions and also specialist societies that would like to support this project are welcome.  Please contact  


Link to Virtual Patients produced in early phase of project.    


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