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Fluid therapy

Educational resources for renal medicine

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A Quick Course on Fluid Balance and fluid prescribing

Concise revision and learning in three modules covering fluid compartments, losses-gains-requirements, and properties of solutions you can infuse

Followed by practical challenges - what should I prescribe? in clinical scenarios.

A  Fluids basics - concise revision

B  Follow that up by reading the IV therapy guide (fluid therapy policy) at (if that link fails, direct link )

C  Then work through these cases:  'What fluids should I prescribe".

  1. A 62 year old man is 2 days post-colectomy (simple - and includes new info about potassium replacement)
  2. Three days after admission with diabetic ketoacidosis (more complicated - and includes new info on fluid replacement in unstable patients)
  3. An 85 year old man with a stroke (simple enough) Cancel
  4. Five days after a liver transplant (complex)

 Each one has hints, and a marking scheme as if it was being used as an OSCE station.

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